York County Sheriff's Sale Update

By Barbara Ross, Paralegal

The York County Sheriff’s Office has initiated a change in the way municipal items are being handled with respect to a Sheriff’s Sale. The new procedure started with a sale that was held in July. In the past, the Sheriff’s Office collected information from municipalities and tax collectors prior to a sale for all items due. Amounts owed were put on the bid sheet that the Sheriff’s Office forwarded to counsel for the plaintiffs. The Sheriff’s Office will no longer be collecting this information before sales. They will only contact municipalities and tax collectors for the properties that are sold to third parties. If a property is sold to a bank or mortgage company for costs, they will not contact the municipalities and tax collectors. It is now the responsibility of the bank or mortgage company to pay the municipalities and tax collectors directly.

If you receive an email, fax or call from the York County Sheriff’s Office after a sale, it is critical that you answer them within five business days. You will receive payment for all taxes, sewer, water, trash, mowing and other items that may be due, as long as you respond promptly. Make sure to contact your solicitor to determine if attorney fees and costs are due and owing for municipal liens that may still be of record. These amounts will be paid to municipalities and/or tax collectors from the bid amount before the lenders, mortgage companies or other types of plaintiffs are compensated.  

Municipalities and tax collectors may see an increase in certification requests. The plaintiffs and/or possible purchasers may want to know what it is owed on a property for taxes, sewer, water and trash before the sale occurs.

If you have any questions, please contact your solicitor or a member of the CGA Municipal Group at (717) 848-4900.

This article appeared in the December 2017 edition of CGA Law Firm's Municipal Newsletter. 

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