Bankruptcy Testimonials

"In summary, your letter really helped settle Molly's nerves for a while when it was needed and affirms my opinion in the survey that you are the best lawyer in York County (and beyond, with me).  My ever growing family and me are very grateful for your advice." - James

"Larry had the knowledge and provided the professional service I needed. The staff was excellent."  - Bruce

"Professional, thorough, the point, precise! Good guidance throughout the entire process."  - Carl

"Good job - very professional." - Steve

"Larry is a great lawyer. He kept me informed and helped me understand my case. I am pleased with the service I received from him." - Edwin

"Thank you for all of your help in this journey and the kindness and humanity you have always shown us." - Kelly & Doug

"Craig is someone I can and have put all my trust in. He makes me feel like I'm part of his family and doesn't judge me. He understands where I'm coming from and helps me get to where I'm going, helping me make my future something to look forward to." - Vicki

"Brent was honest and straight forward from the first phone call. I needed an advocate, and a zealous one, and he helped me through every stage. His experience and expertise were instrumental to my case. I will always be grateful for the professional service he gave me in a time where I needed it most." - Shane

"Leanne you were great, kind and caring. You helped me get through the whole thing. Haley you were great, too. You were always there between the two of you." - Howard

"The day my nightmare began, I was in your office within hours of discovering my checking account had a "legal" hold on it. My trust in you was immediate. You were calm; I was a wreck. You told me what had to be done and we moved forward. I am so thankful for your help, guidance and kindness!!" - Autumn

"Leanne and Haley are true professionals that care for their clients. Without their help I was headed down a path I could not have handled without their expertise." - Brian

"Larry was very thorough at our first meeting. He detailed the entire bankruptcy process so we knew exactly what to expect during the legal proceedings." - Richard

"Larry was very helpful and genuinely wanted to help us through this difficult period." - Jill

"Craig was very professional, courteous and compassionate in a most difficult time. He always took great strides to explain the legal proceedings, and his patience and expertise were very much appreciated." - David

"Larry laid everything out when I first met him. He said he would work with me and he did." - Zada

"Brent was very organized and thorough in presenting my case in front of the MDJ. I left court being awarded more than I expected. I will most certainly recommend Brent to my friends and family." - Elizabeth

"Felt very confident with you as our lawyer and that everything was done efficiently by all members of your staff, as well." - Vicki

"Larry helped us through the most trying time of my life. I felt ashamed and defeated and he helped me feel better. Not only was his advice the best we could have gotten, but his compassion clearly shined through in our dealings. Thank you!" - Nick

"Larry was so kind and understanding to me. He didn't put me down. He told me everything to do and understood me." - Kathy

"Craig was excellent. Having many attorneys in my family, he was professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. I would recommend Craig to anyone with legal woes." - John

"Larry helped me through a very stressful and emotional process and was very professional. In the end I didn't feel like I was alone through the process." - Jennifer

"Larry, you and your staff really put me on a path to change my life for the better. I was in a very stressful financial place. You and Haley really saved me from one of the lowest points in my life.  I can't tell you how much I value your support and your expertise. Thank you." - Kristin

"When business was "behind the eight ball" I sought guidance from Larry and we structured a plan as I closed my business of 38 years and had his valued help and guidance through the chapter 7 bankruptcy. Larry and staff were most helpful and available during this painful time in my life. So glad to have Larry & CGA and not just "any law firm." - Joseph

"I was referred to Mr. Young after being dissatisfied with my previous attorney. Larry and his team took over my case, kept me informed throughout the process and made me fee comfortable and confident that my situation was now in good hands. Thanks again for your professional service." - Wali

"Words cannot adequately describe how you handled my situation. You treated me with dignity without ever once judging the decisions I had made or the situation I found myself in. I am truly grateful for your assistance." - Pam

"Craig kept us informed throughout the whole process. He also answered ALL our questions and always returned my phone calls promptly. We are both very impressed with Craig and would refer anyone to his office. We could not be happier with his services. Thanks for all your help." - James

"Craig was very professional and seemed very caring about my situation. Thank you again." - Linda

"The firm was very helpful in resolving the issues and saving my house. Thank you!" - C.H.

"Craig was very knowledgeable and never dismissive about our concerns." - Tracey

"Brent was informative and walked me through my case while holding my hand all the way to the end.  I would highly recommend Brent and his firm." - Kevin

"The staff took the time to explain what we will need to do, how long it will take and the cost. Somebody was always there to answer all of our questions. I would recommend this law firm." - Norma

"I was very satisfied with the legal representation by Larry Young.  He truly cares about the person as an individual, not just a number. He went above and beyond for us." - Jean

"Larry is the best lawyer I have ever seen in my 50 years of knowing some pretty good ones - worth every dollar!" - Jim

"Craig was very kind and he did not make me feel ashamed of what I had to do. He knows the law and is very competent in what he does. I would ask him for help again if I ever need it." - Sharon

"Craig made me feel less afraid. When I met him I had just lost my husband and felt alone, but Craig helped me through this long ordeal. With him on my side I didn't feel alone anymore. Thank you, Craig. I will always refer you and CGA." - Minnie