Power Line Project Will Affect Southern York County Residents

Residents in Chanceford, Lower Chanceford, Hopewell, East Hopewell and Fawn Townships are currently confronted with proposed construction of 40 miles of high-voltage electric power lines on 135-foot towers by Transource Energy. Farmers and landowners in the area are rightfully concerned about the benefit of the project to residents of our area, the impact the project could have on individual properties, and the compensation that affected landowners may receive. While Transource is still in the PUC permitting process and has not finalized its proposed route, survey crews have already contacted landowners for temporary access to map out the project. After PUC approval, Transource will return seeking permanent rights-of-way for the project.

It is important for landowners to know their legal rights when dealing with the utility company. Landowners will find themselves approached by Transource representatives, each with a different personality and a different pitch, all seeking the same thing: an easement over your property for the lowest amount of compensation possible. Landowners will need good counsel to obtain best value and draft an agreement that will protect their rights and address such  issues as crop damage, timber loss and environmental concerns. The assistance of an experienced attorney to protect your rights is essential.

CGA Law Firm has a history of successfully representing landowners in negotiations with utility companies. Our attorneys have helped property owners to protect their property rights and obtain settlements for their properties. When necessary, we vigorously defended our clients’ interest in the courts to assure that award to the landowner is fair. Our attorneys live in the area and share your interests and values when it comes to protecting your home, farm and family. We will be happy to assist you to make the easement process fair, understandable and in your best interest.

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