Case Study

Business Law Case Study

Directing Traffic

A mid-Atlantic traffic control company placing a high level of importance on safety is raising the industry standards and enjoying tremendous growth in the process.

As a start-up business, the Company contacted the CGA Law Firm to review their Articles of Organization and establish an Operating Agreement. Through their commitment to safety excellence, the traffic control company began to grow and expand their business throughout the mid-Atlantic region, adding to their front line employees and fleet of trucks. A trusted partner, CGA has been providing legal advice along the way from matters involving business transactions, employment law, intellectual property, litigation, and real estate.

The team at CGA Law Firm assisted with the acquisition and renovation of real estate when the business grew along with establishing different business entities; such as, their safety training academy, to cover different aspects of the operations.

At the present time, the owners of the business and key employees will often contact members of the CGA Law Firm for guidance on specific topics as needed. Our attorneys are dedicated to providing strong and steady legal counsel with the highest level of professionalism, promptly and efficiently.

The Company has been recognized over the past number of years as one of the fastest growing companies in South Central Pennsylvania. As it has sprinted ahead with its success, the CGA Law Firm has been running in stride with it all along the way, addressing issues that arise and even preempting some before they occur.