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Barb Ross: Over Four Decades of Service

access_time Posted on: January 20th, 2023

Barb Ross has been an indispensable part of the CGA Municipal Department for over 40 years! She is a paralegal specializing in Municipal Collections and Foreclosures. In her day-to-day work at CGA, Barb plays an integral role in the delivery of legal services to individuals and groups. She has an advanced understanding of the legal system and can go beyond administrative tasks and assist with more detailed work. Barb has formed strong friendships with her colleagues and they rely on her extensive knowledge.

When asked about Barb, Municipal Law Chair Attorney Devon Myers-Kolomick said “Barb is a tremendous resource to me and all the municipal law attorneys. She’s someone who everyone in the department turns to for expert knowledge, advice, and consistently reliable performance. In addition to being so proficient, she is exceptionally kind and helpful. Barb has earned the respect of her colleagues and created lasting friendships with all of us who work closely with her.” Attorney Sharon Myers added, “Barb is a perfectionist. She is extremely smart and knows her job inside and out, but what makes her truly invaluable is her precision and attention to detail. You can count on Barb to do her work exceptionally well.” Attorney Craig Sharnetzka summarized Barb’s skills, when he said, “In 2021 Barb received the Central Penn Business Journals’ Legal Excellence Award for Paralegals and we all agreed that she was most deserving of the recognition.”