CGA Law Firm Welcomes Edna Santiago Quirindongo to the Team

access_time Posted on: May 13th, 2022

Welcome to CGA, Edna Santiago Quirindongo!

CGA’s newest paralegal is vivacious, intelligent, contagiously energetic, and has a passion for law. Edna has an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and will complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies next fall. She works full time, takes a maximum course load of classes, and is the mother of two young boys.

Edna pursued her first degree in criminal justice because she wanted to help people. She was specifically interested in protecting people and ensuring justice in society. She put her care for people to work in the health care industry and later in a large international company. COVID gave her time at home to rethink her life goals and how she could best make a difference in the lives of others.

Over the years, Edna interacted with attorneys and realized that legal work was an even better fit with her life goal to help others. With two young children, Edna took the risk of leaving her comfortable and secure job at an international paper company and enrolled at Central Penn College to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies. Although it was difficult to leave her friends and colleagues, she is convinced that she made the right decision. She is thoroughly enjoying her interesting course work and knowledgeable professors.

Her favorite courses to date are Human Communications, which teaches the principles of interpersonal communication, and Ethics, which focuses on the social values, moral concerns, and legal considerations in decision making. Edna enjoys human communications because she has a natural proclivity to the subject and knows that human communication is essential. She appreciates her Ethics course because the work is challenging as she excavates assumptions and works through valid but competing values. She is a peacemaker, so defending one value alone is difficult.

When not working or studying, Edna is at the park or a sports practice with her boys. Edna loves spending time with the boys as she teaches them excellent communication skills, how to have and be a good friend, and the skills they need to excel and be autonomous.

CGA is lucky to have Edna on the legal team with her compassionate nature and infectious enthusiasm!