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COVID-19 Update: CDC Issued an Order Preventing Evictions in Certain Cases

access_time Posted on: September 8th, 2020

How to obtain protection

The CDC has issued an Order preventing evictions in certain cases which went into effect on September 4, 2020.  In order to obtain protection under the Order, Tenants must provide a declaration to the landlord or property owner, under penalty of perjury.  

Tenants must swear that they have tried to obtain government assistance, must fall within income restrictions set forth in the Order, and must be unable to pay rent due to loss of job or income or due to medical bills.  Tenants must also be making timely payments as close to regular rent as possible and show that eviction would render them homeless. 

The Order does NOT forgive rent or late fees.

Landlords or property owners who violate the Order may be subject to the following penalties:

If no deaths

o   Fine of $100,000 and/ or up to 1 year of jail for individuals

o   Fine of $250,000 for organizations

If death occurs

o   Fine of $200,000 and/ or up to 1 year of jail for individuals

o   Fine of $500,000 for organizations

Federal Register Order

The Order can be found on the Federal Register here:

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