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PA Judgments Must Be Revived

access_time Posted on: December 27th, 2021

Preserve your rights by reviving your judgment.

A “judgment holder” or “judgment creditor” is the person or entity that obtains a judgment against a “judgment debtor.”  The ultimate goal of many lawsuits is to win a monetary judgment against the other party.  

However, the judgment holder might not automatically receive payment once a judgment has been obtained.  In Pennsylvania, there are certain requirements for reviving a judgment in order to ensure that you do not lose your rights as a judgment holder.  A judgment issued by a Magisterial District Justice or MDJ expires after 5 years if nothing is done. A judgment at the county Court of Common Pleas ceases to be effective after 20 years and may be overtaken by someone else’s judgment after 5 years if nothing is done.

Reviving a judgment in Pennsylvania can be somewhat routine but there are some specific requirements that must be followed in order to ensure that the judgment is not lost. For help with judgment revival questions and other litigation issues, contact Attorney Hunter Schenck at [email protected] or use the Contact Us Form to set up a consultation with Attorney Schenck.

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