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Recently, a co-worker directed me to contact Mr. Jeffrey Rehmeyer at CGA Law Firm for my family to establish a will. “Just a will” is all I thought we needed but really, it’s so much more than that. We needed Estate Planning documents, Last Will and Testament documents, Power of Attorney and Living Wills drawn up. The thought of having to sit down and discuss these serious issues of doom and gloom was very daunting and quite scary actually! I mean, here we are needing to have these hypothetical scenarios that start with “Ok, you’re in a hospital, unconscious and can’t speak for yourself, so who decides what kind of care you get?” Better yet, the next example is simply “Ok, so you died, now what happens?” What happens to everyone and everything you leave behind? Your children? Your house? Your car? Your debt? This is intense, serious stuff were talking about here.

Fortunately, there is help available. There is CGA Law Firm. They are comprised of talented and skilled legal professionals who can explain how the typical process works and help you navigate these challenging issues. Mr. Jeffrey Rehmeyer was considerate of our circumstances and sensitive to our needs and concerns. He explained the legal terminology in a way we could understand, on our level. And when we didn’t understand, he explained it again, until we got it. He was invaluable as he assisted us during the discussions about these detailed matters. It was and still is, a tremendous relief to have him to rely on for trustworthy recommendations and suggestions. Scheduling time with Mr. Jeffrey Rehmeyer has empowered us to take control of our future now.

We are ready to share it with the world that we have a plan in place if we suffered a medical emergency or died unexpectedly. We feel everybody should have a plan in place too. Let me put it this way: it can be somebody else’s choice for you, or it can be your choice. Major life or death medical decisions pre-discussed when you’re thinking clearly and not in a state of crisis. Your estate and potential income from it will be handled the way you chose in an organized manner. There will be nothing for loved ones to argue about when you have an estate plan written out line-by-line how you want your estate to be distributed amongst family members. If you have children, they will benefit from knowing you love them so much that you have planned for their care and financial future should the unthinkable happen.

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Going through my divorce was bad enough, much less trying to look out for the best interest of my four-year-old-son during child custody decisions. Through these tough times CGA helped me understand my rights while showing compassion towards my son and myself . Thank you for your support and understanding.