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CGA Law Firm is committed to assertively litigating disputes on behalf of its clients; however, we are also conscious of the need for compromise in certain circumstances. Compromise is sometimes appropriate, particularly due to the uncertainty and high cost of most lawsuits – costs that include fees, time and resources diverted from normal business pursuits. The reallocation of such resources to litigation support is substantial, which is why we weigh and balance the client’s overall business and personal interests with the specific ones at stake in any judicial proceeding.

In matters of litigation where our clients have made the business judgment to pursue a claim, or have been forced to defend claims brought against them, our primary goal is to provide the best legal services available through the litigation process to preserve and protect the client’s interests.


Attorney Rees Griffiths, Attorney Jack Hartman, Retired Judge John Kennedy, and Retired Judge John Uhler comprise the firm’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Group.

Mediation and arbitration are two common methods of resolving disputes quickly, efficiently and with much lower costs than litigation. Our group brings decades of experience to this area of practice. All of our lawyers in this group have had significant training in facilitative and evaluative mediation. As a group, we have the ability to consult with each other and utilize others in the firm for research if needed. Our facility is a comfortable neutral site for mediations and arbitrations. See each lawyer’s individual bio for more details.

Commercial Litigation & Collections

Our experienced litigation attorneys provide clients the expertise and creativity to enforce their contractual rights and defend against breach of contract claims. We believe that the provider of a service or product deserves to be fairly compensated for that service or product, and we exercise in and out-of-court techniques to assist clients in doing so.

On the flip side, the consumer of a product or service, whether that consumer be an individual or business, has a right to expect that the product or service will be delivered as anticipated, and the right to pay only for those products and services that meet expectations.

As many commercial litigants know, establishing liability is just the first step in enforcing a contractual right. CGA’s litigation attorneys are also talented and experienced at collecting from judgment debtors through various methods of judgment enforcement. When necessary, we work closely with out colleagues in CGA’s Bankruptcy Department to develop strategies to recover from entities or individuals who may be experiencing solvency issues.

Construction Litigation

We represent owners, including specifically governmental bodies, and contractors in disputes relating to timely and satisfactory performance of construction contracts, including delay claims, liquidated damage claims, claims arising under mechanic lien laws, and claims arising under the public bidding laws. We have handled complex disputes involving critical path analysis, scheduling disputes and issues of performance in state and federal courts. We believe CGA provides an attractive alternative for construction litigation in this region to larger statewide firms that do not have local offices.

Corporate Litigation

This category covers the entire gamut of disputes that can involve small, closely held businesses that are privately owned, whether organized as partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies or C-corporations under the Business Corporation Law. Typical problems include issues arising from owner retirement, succession, minority owner freeze out or squeeze out, termination of employee owners, enforcement of shareholder agreements, theft of trade secrets and proprietary information, liquidation, dissolution, valuation of ownership interests in various types of buyouts and other proceedings, breach of fiduciary claims and control issues. The category also includes suits between small businesses and government, such as eminent domain and other regulatory issues as well as suits between small businesses.

Criminal Litigation

The criminal defense department at CGA Law is the largest in York. No other lawyer or firm can match our experienced team of criminal law specialists which include:  a former York County District Attorney and federal prosecutor, three former York County Assistant District Attorneys, two former York County Court of Common Pleas criminal court judges, a former JAGC prosecutor, and a former JAGC defense counsel.  And if English is not your primary language, one of our attorneys is also fluent in Spanish.  

Their combined knowledge of the law and the justice system can help you when you need it most. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, or even if you are simply being investigated, we can assist you at every stage of the process to prevent charges from becoming convictions. Our expertise includes assistance and defense involving:

  • DUI & Traffic Citations & Driver’s License Suspensions
  • Most types of felonies and misdemeanors
  • Summary offenses and appeals
  • Drug Possession
  • White Collar Crime
  • Theft & Property Crimes
  • Assaults
  • Sexual Assault
  • Probation & Parole Violations
  • Juvenile Offenses
  • ARD 
  • Appeals
  • Expungements
  • Drug and Treatment Courts

There are times when we can resolve charges without a conviction and have your record expunged.   But if a case can’t be resolved, we have the know how to defend you at trial. Our attorneys have tried, and won, hundreds of jury trials. 

So if the worst happens, contact CGA Law Firm. We are here to explain every aspect of the process, answer your questions, and stand by you when you need it most. 

El departamento de defensa criminal del bufete de abogados de CGA es el más grande de York. Ningún otro abogado o firma puede igualar la experiencia de nuestro equipo de especialistas en derecho penal que incluyen: un ex fiscal del condado de York y fiscal federal, tres ex asistentes fiscales del condado de York, dos ex jueces de la corte penal del tribunal de causas comunes del condado de York,  un ex Fiscal de JAGC y un ex abogado defensor de JAGC. Y si Inglés no es su idioma principal, una de nuestras abogadas también habla Español.

Nuestro conocimiento combinado de la ley y el sistema de justicia puede ayudarlo cuando más lo necesita. Si ha sido acusado de un delito penal, o incluso si simplemente está siendo investigado, podemos ayudarlo en cada etapa del proceso para evitar que los cargos se conviertan en condenas. Nuestra experiencia incluye asistencia y defensa con:

§ Conducción Bajo los Efectos del Alcohol o Drogas y Citaciones de Tráfico y Suspensiones de Licencias de Conducir

§ La mayoría de delitos graves y delitos menores.

§ Citaciones y Apelaciones

§ Posesión de Drogas

§ Crimen de Cuello Blanco

§ Robo y Crímenes de Propiedad

§ Asaltos

§ Agresión Sexual

§ Violaciones de Libertad Condicional

§ Delitos Juveniles

§ ARD (Disposición Acelerada de Rehabilitación)

§ Apelaciones

§ Eliminación de Antecedentes

§ Tribunales de Drogas y Tratamiento

Hay momentos en que podemos resolver los cargos sin una condena y que se elimine su registro. Pero si un caso no se puede resolver, tenemos los conocimientos para defenderlo en el juicio. Nuestros abogados han llevado a tribual y ganado cientos de juicios con jurado.

Entonces, si sucede lo peor, comuníquese con el bufete de CGA. Estamos aquí para explicar cada aspecto del proceso, responder a sus preguntas y apoyarlo cuando más lo necesita.

Election Laws Litigation

Election laws merge issues arising under our United States and Pennsylvania Constitution, our Federal and State Statutes and may be exacerbated by current politics. Direction is given as to  who may vote, where one may vote, and who is eligible to be elected. The eligibility of  and rules governing the prospective candidates are governed by these fundamental resources as well. Our attorneys stand ready to assist candidates and voters challenged by these laws and regulations, and have been involved in candidates’ petition contests, determining residency requirements of candidates and review of candidates’ expense reports.

Environmental Litigation

Environmental law is an ever-changing, complex mix of federal, state, and local laws, regulations and policies. Environmental law litigation matters include, but are not limited to, defending against actions brought by the Federal Government and other entities involving the Clean Air Act (CAA), Clean Water Act (CWA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), contaminated site cleanup under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and liability Act (CERCLA), and enforcement by other federal and state level governmental agencies. Violations of environmental laws are generally civil offenses that may result in monetary penalties or civil sanctions such as injunction. Violations of some environmental laws even provide for criminal penalties.

Our environmental law services include, but are not limited to the handling of: contaminated site clean-up; civil and criminal enforcement; environmental aspects of business transactions and litigation; natural resources; oil, gas, and sub-surface mining issues; solid and hazardous waste; permitting; litigation and compliance issues; and other civil and administrative enforcement actions.  We handle environmental issues at all levels from local governments, to state and federal violations.

Estates Litigation

Disputes involving an estate, trust, and/or guardianship account requires a talented and experienced legal team in order to proficiently advocate and provide sound legal counsel on behalf of our client, irrespective of whether the client is a fiduciary, the estate or trust, a potential beneficiary, or a claimant. CGA boasts an estates litigation team with more than one hundred (100) years of litigation practice before the State Trial and Appellate Courts enhanced by substantial direct experience as Judge in the Orphan’s Court.

General Litigation

CGA attorneys litigate cases in state court, federal court, and administrative venues in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. Although the substantive issues involved in each dispute are unique, the rules and procedures remain fairly consistent for each tribunal in which we practice. Our experience in the various forums allows us to guide our clients through the dispute resolution process, no matter the substance of the quarrel. The breadth of understanding among our team of attorneys, paralegals, and administrative staff enables us to serve our clients in almost any dispute. And our ability to tap the knowledge of our many colleagues practicing in other substantive areas of law allows us to do so knowing we are armed with the best understanding of substance as well as procedure.

The Litigation Department handles various cases for individuals, businesses, charities, and municipalities. These include a wide range of topics such as contracts, consumer protection, construction, corporation and shareholder disputes, election law, environmental, landlord tenant issues, and real estate. Disputes might arise between neighbors, business acquaintances, or total strangers. CGA attorneys handle many types of cases including those that are not specifically listed here. Contact us today to set up a consultation for your case.

Immigration Litigation

Here at CGA Law Firm we understand that when you or a family member is facing immigration issues or possible deportation it is scary and overwhelming. Immigration law is a complicated aspect of the law and we are here to help. At our initial consultation we will educate you on your options and legal rights to help you determine the best path for you or your loved one. And if English is not your primary language, one of our attorneys is also fluent in Spanish.   

CGA Law Firm handles all kinds of immigration cases, including:

  • Asylum
  • Green Cards
  • Non-immigrant visas
  • Temporary Protected Status
  • Family-based Immigration
  • Spouse/Fiancé –Based Immigration
  • Deportation Defense

One of the most common reasons a person is placed in deportation proceedings is due to a criminal matter. At CGA Law Firm, we have many attorneys with criminal law backgrounds to aid in handling your criminal matter in conjunction with the possible immigration consequences that may arise.  

So if you or your loved one finds themselves facing immigration issues give CGA Law Firm a call.

Landlord Tenant Litigation

CGA represents residential and commercial landlords and tenants in various landlord tenant disputes.  This includes work litigating or defending cases involving eviction, unpaid rent, lease breaches, consumer protection, collections, inhabitability, and security deposit disputes.

Landlord Tenant cases typically begin at the MDJ or Magisterial District Justice level, however, more complex matters may be tried in the  local Court of Common Pleas. No matter the complexity or venue, CGA will be there to assist at every level of your case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Personal Injury Litigation

CGA is able to provide limited legal assistance for people who have suffered personal injuries from certain causes. This might involve slip and fall cases, car accidents, intentional torts such as assault and battery and other non-work related injuries. If CGA is unable to handle the case internally, we will work with you to locate a trusted colleague who specializes in your specific type of personal injury action who can handle the case.

Real Estate Litigation

Real estate law can involve any number of different situations. Our real estate department can assist you with everything from routine residential transactions to major commercial developments, and everything in between. But sometimes these transactions can go wrong, and when this happens you need attorneys who are able to protect and enforce your rights. CGA’s Litigation Department is able to handle a wide gamut of real estate actions: quiet title, Landlord Tenant, breaches of contract, property boundary disputes, easements, rights of way, zoning, Residential Seller Disclosure violations, assessment appeals, and the many other types of real estate cases that can arise. There is a reason CGA asserts “one firm, all the law you need.” Should you need legal assistance in the negotiation or litigation process, the attorneys at CGA are here to help you.


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