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CGA Law Firm Welcomes Paralegal Sean McNally

access_time Posted on: January 13th, 2023

CGA Law Firm is excited to welcome Sean McNally, Municipal Paralegal!

Municipal Paralegal Joins CGA Law Firm

Sean T. McNally is CGA’s most recent addition to the municipal legal team. He has over six years of experience as a paralegal with a focus in areas as diverse as business formation and elder law. At CGA, he is looking forward to narrowing his practice specifically to municipal law.

A Penn State alumnus, Sean earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology. His undergraduate coursework taught him to think critically about current and historical social issues, research and analyze empirical data, and develop ideas to improve the social world. His favorite classes at Penn State were literature, creative writing, and history.

With multiple family members practicing law, Sean knew that working in the legal field would utilize his strong writing skills and be personally fulfilling. He enrolled in the Paralegal Program at Harrisburg Area Community College and completed his certification. Sean interned at the Lancaster County Prothonotary before joining a boutique law firm in Harrisburg specializing in transaction work and bankruptcies. He spent over six years between two Harrisburg firms before onboarding with CGA. Sean transitioned to CGA because he wanted to work for a larger law firm with more opportunities for career development.

When he is not working, Sean enjoys fishing, paddle boarding, and listening to live music. He is also content to relax at home with a good book and his calico cat, Phoebe.

Please give Sean a warm CGA welcome!