Corporate Governance Attorneys in Central Pennsylvania

From Conducting Meeting to Succession Planning, and Everything In Between …

Helping Businesses With Corporate Governance

CGA Law Firm routinely advise public and private companies, non-profit organizations and other entities, along with their boards, committees, directors and officers on a broad spectrum of corporate governance. Our Corporate Governance Attorneys specialize in advising corporations on legal matters related to governance structures, compliance, and regulatory requirements. They ensure companies adhere to laws and best practices to maintain transparency, accountability, and ethical standards within an organization.

Our corporate governance attorneys in PA will guide you in matters such as:

  • Conducting meetings
  • Preparation of minutes
  • Issuance of stock certificates
  • Transfer of stock
  • Shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Succession planning
  • Management disputes
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Executive compensation
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