Living Will Attorneys in Central Pennsylvania

Receiving Medical Life Support Is Your Choice.

Making Important Decisions While You Are Healthy

A living will with a health care Power of Attorney (POA) is an important part of estate planning documents. Also referred to as an advance health care directive, a living will is a written statement of your wishes to receive medical life support should you become hospitalized, terminally ill or permanently unconscious. A living will also gives you the ability to decide and appoint who will make decisions on your behalf regarding medical treatment or nursing home admission and will interact with your doctors and health care providers. 

In the state of Pennsylvania, an individual must be at least 18 years of age and of sound mind to make and sign a declaration. Your advance health care directive will become effective when a physician declares you are incompetent, in a terminal condition or in a permanent state of unconsciousness

If a health care Power of Attorney authorizes another to make or assist in providing health care decisions for you, such a POA is often coupled with a living will to provide full medical decision making in one document.

It is important to make these important decisions while you are capable. Provide your loved ones with peace mind now and in the future.

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