Bankruptcy & Debt Restructuring Testimonials in Central Pennsylvania

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The following testimonials are actual client reviews of CGA Law Firm and we are grateful that our clients are willing to share their experiences. The success of any legal transaction depends on specific circumstances of that case. For this reason, we cannot guarantee specific results for future clients based on past legal successes.

The staff are all very polite, really impressed by Paralegal Kenny Brayboy, very nice.

Marjorie N.

Very nice people to deal with and explained everything until I understood.


Larry did not make us feel like we were just another client. He genuinely cared and always had our best interest in front. Thank You!


My husband and I are so relieved the matter is behind us. We believe because of your hard work that this was made possible.


CGA worked with local agencies and provided me with pro bono bankruptcy legal assistance. I was never treated differently or given less than stellar service. Thank you CGA for saving my home and keeping my family together.


Larry provided a comforting and steady hand at what could have been a very stressful time. Knowing what to be potentially aware of – and what not to be concerned about – was very helpful. This was a freeing and mostly painless process. Thanks!


Larry was extremely helpful to me. When I walked in I was embarrassed that I was in the situation of not being able to pay my bills. Larry put me at ease right away. I felt comfortable that I was making the right decision. Truth be told, I don’t usually like lawyers. Larry changed all that for me. He had my best interest the whole way through. I would not hesitate to recommend him. Thanks for all your help!


Haley My attorney is very knowledgeable and thorough. She explained my options and did not pressure me to make a decision. Everything was handled in the timeframe that was given to me. I am extremely happy to have this weight lifted off my shoulders and now I can concentrate on starting over and rebuilding my credit.


Larry I want to say thank you so much for giving me a fresh start. Thank you for saving me from the legal issues I’ve gotten myself into and helping me get a new start in life.

Brent was great! Explained everything so I understood what the process was and what to expect!

Larry Thank you very much, Larry! You influenced me greatly and I just want you to know how much I appreciate this. You don’t get enough gratitude and you deserve tons.

Larry Wow! I don’t know that there are enough superlatives to describe my experiences at CGA. From the first, Larry Young impressed me as very knowledgeable, as well as kind and helpful. Anything I was confused about was explained to me clearly by Larry or one of his staff (Julie Rosenau, Ruth, etc.). Everyone from the receptionist to Larry himself was invariably courteous, helpful, and kind.


CGA worked with local agencies and provided me with pro bono bankruptcy legal assistance. I was never treated differently or given less than stellar service. Thank you CGA for saving my home and keeping my family together!  


My husband and I are so relieved that this matter is behind us and we believe your hard work made this possible.


Brent explained every step of the bankruptcy process and was always available for any and all questions or concerns.


Brent made me feel very secure and safe as we went through the process of him representing me. He listen to my story, and made me feel as though he truly valued my input regarding my case I felt as though I was working with someone who cared… And that is rare! Thank you.


Haley Attorney Rohrbaugh was very gracious and professional during the entire process. She made me feel very comfortable during the process. She was on top of everything. I will obviously refer her to my friends and family!


Haley and Kenny explained everything to me and were very nice and professional with a hometown feel I gave them each a hug.


This is a great law firm that I highly suggest to anyone. It was a pleasure and very satisfying experience. It’s definitely a five star law firm!


Brent Excellent representation and results.


Brent was very knowledgeable and informed throughout my entire case. Thanks for a great job.


Larry I was very embarrassed over our situation but Larry put us both at ease and explained it would be OK as we went forward. I realize many older people get into the situation. My husband and I feel like we can have a new beginning. Thanks!


Haley was exceptional with the service she provided. My first appointment with her made me feel at ease. She explained every detail step-by-step. I felt very confident in everything she did for me to help me with my case. Thank you so much!


Brent sat down with us and went over all options with us to get our case settled. He and his paralegal were very committed to helping us out and answer all questions big or small.