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A New Tool to Protect York County Property Owners

access_time Posted on: October 17th, 2022
Protect your property from property title and deed theft.

Property title theft often occurs when a bad actor steals your identity and then creates fraudulent deed transfer documents that appear as though you have signed them. In response to this trend, some companies have offered paid monitoring services to help protect your property against these types of attacks. However, if you own property in York County, then the Recorder of Deeds Office has just made it easier and free for you to monitor recordings related to your property.    

Signing up for the free tool is easy.

To protect your property, navigate to the Recorder of Deeds page on the York County website, or use the link provided below. Click on the link for Records Notification Service: Sign Up, and select the additional link to subscribe. Then enter your preferred email address and the 18-digit property ID number, found on your county tax bill or by lookup offered on the registration page. After you click sign up you check your email and confirm your desire to activate your account. If there is a document recorded relating to your property ID number after you sign up you will get an alert notification from the service. The link to subscribe can be found here:

It is important to note that this service only sends notifications for documents filed after you sign up. Also, as with similar paid services, the County Records Notification Service does not prevent the fraud from initially happening but instead alerts you to an issue allowing you to dispute the transfer or other fraudulent activity tied to the property early and before the fraudulent activity becomes more difficult to reverse.          

Additional protections for your property are available.

In addition to utilizing this free service, you can further protect your property by purchasing title insurance. Title insurance provides additional protection against fraud on any new property that you are buying.

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