Divorce Attorneys in Central Pennsylvania

We Are Here for You.

Helping You Through Emotional Times

At CGA Law Firm, our divorce attorneys have counseled many individuals who are dealing with the same issues you are. We will help you through the legal challenges and will advise you on the financial and legal factors associated with a divorce. 

Divorce is never easy. The decision to move forward with a divorce is probably one of the most difficult choices you will ever face. Not only are there financial and legal factors to consider, but you must also keep in mind the emotional and psychological factors that impact everyone involved as they move through this process.

Our team of seasoned litigators are experienced in handling divorce cases involving contested child custody, child support and equitable distribution. We are also skilled in representing clients whose cases include complex issues such as business valuation and distribution, and assets located outside of Pennsylvania.

Most likely, by the time you seek the advice of CGA’s family law attorneys, you will have already determined that divorce is inevitable. Whether you choose to pursue a divorce or your spouse has already filed for divorce and you need guidance, we can help you.

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