Child Support Attorneys in Central Pennsylvania

Being Financially Responsible for Your Child.

Helping You Through the Process of Reaching an Equitable Resolution

As with child custody, child support is an issue that may be independent of a divorce case. Parents who are separated may file for child support even if a divorce action is not pending. In addition, parents who have divorced for years may initiate child support actions. Child support cases may also involve parents who have never been married.

Whether you have custody of your children or not, and even if you do not see your children regularly, you are still responsible for supporting them financially. Keep in mind that child custody and support are two separate issues. 

At CGA Law Firm our family law attorneys will guide you through the child support process beginning with advising you on how it is calculated. Each support situation is different and can be complex. Our attorneys will listen to your circumstances and help you through the process to reach an equitable resolution in your support matter.

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