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Attorney Charles Calkins Conferred Prestigious Booth Award

access_time Posted on: October 20th, 2019

Attorney Charlie Calkins received the William and Catherine Booth Award from the Salvation Army after 22 years of joyful service. The William Booth Award is one of the highest awards that may be conferred upon an individual by The Salvation Army. Nominees for the award are chosen on the basis of dedication to The Salvation Army’s goals of service to man and outstanding humanitarian effort within the community. Charlie is the current Chair of the Advisory Board and has been for 15 years. One of Charlie’s most exciting accomplishments as Board Chair was acquiring laptops for each of the students in the after school program. Charlie was determined that the urban children in the program would not feel less than the children from the surrounding school districts. It gave him great satisfaction to see the students researching and finding resources for projects on their laptop computers.

Charlie was profoundly touched to be recognized at the Annual Dinner in such a meaningful way and said, “To be honored with an award that bears the name of William and Catherine Booth is humbling. Unlike William and Catherine, who built up an army from nothing, I began my work with an Advisory Board of like-minded good citizens, who each had a long history of championing the poor. The achievements of this Board should not be credited to any one of us; the results are a collective effort of a whole team (an army): the Advisory Board, Officers, and staff. Each one contributing their unique and many talents to the cause.”

Congratulations to Charlie on your 22 years of service to our community through the Salvation Army and for your many accomplishments that were recognized with this significant award.