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Helping Families with Caring Representation

Bankruptcy, Education Law, Estate Planning, Family Law, Litigation, and Real Estate include all legal work related to serving individuals. It is important for CGA Law Firm’s clients to know that they have a team of attorneys who are knowledgeable in the relevant areas of law.

Bankruptcy and Debt Restructuring

It is true that bad things often happen to good people: work injury, illness, accidents, divorce, and a host of other life problems often put people in a position where they simply can’t pay all of their bills. Or, it may put a family-owned business in a position where it can’t pay the bills. There is probably no way to plan in advance for the problems that life throws at us, but you are not entirely helpless.

Acting promptly, as soon as the problem is upon you, can minimize the downside. It can help you save assets from seizure by creditors or loss by repossession or foreclosure. It can allow you to focus on the bills that have to be paid as opposed to the ones that are simply creating the most immediate pressure.

CGA is experienced in both personal and business bankruptcy issues. Understanding all aspects of individual and business finances is key to understanding the legal process of either financial restructuring or, where necessary, bankruptcy. The attorneys in the CGA Bankruptcy and Debt Restructuring Department work regularly with both individual financial problems and the problems experienced by family-owned businesses to protect and preserve assets, and help show a way out.

Education Law

Our Education Law attorneys are very skilled litigators and negotiators. We are dedicated in providing exceptional legal services to insure the rights of all students in schools.

Estate Planning and Administration

CGA Law Firm is recognized as having one of the largest and most comprehensive estate law groups in Central Pennsylvania. Our legal team has experience in all aspects of estate planning and administration advising individuals, families, and business owners. Our estate planning team works closely with our business and tax attorneys to fully advise our clients on all aspects of their personal and financial affairs.

Members of the CGA estate planning team hold advanced degrees is tax law (Masters of Law in Taxation) and are well suited for advising clients on the ever changing estate tax laws and how it will impact your estate. They also hold certifications in estate planning and pension law taxation.

Family Law

In divorce proceedings or prenuptial planning there are many areas where the counsel of knowledgeable and experienced attorneys is invaluable. Whether it is a support, equitable distribution for custody dispute, the Family Law attorneys at CGA Law Firm have the skills needed to handle your case in a swift and sensitive manner.


CGA is committed to assertively litigating disputes on behalf of its clients; however, we are also conscious of the need for compromise in certain circumstances. Compromise is sometimes appropriate, particularly due to the uncertainty and high cost of most lawsuits – costs that include fees, time and resources diverted from normal business pursuits. The reallocation of such resources to litigation support is substantial, which is why we weigh and balance the client’s overall business interests with the specific ones at stake in any judicial proceeding.

Real Estate

CGA Law Firm’s real estate attorneys provide clients in Central Pennsylvania with comprehensive knowledge and experience regarding transactions involving the acquisition, development, leasing, management and disposition of commercial, industrial, and residential real estate, including the financing aspects of those transactions.