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Proposed Williams Natural Gas Pipeline

access_time Posted on: April 25th, 2012

Rockies Connector Project to Cross Through Southern York County

Within the near future, landowners in southern York County will be faced with legal issues regarding the advent of another gas company seeking easements for its pipeline project to cross private property from west to east across the area. 

Williams Partners L.P. is finalizing plans for expansion of its 30-inch interstate natural gas pipeline.  The proposed Rockies Connector Project, including over 350 miles of new pipeline, will extend from West Virginia to Williams’ Transco Compressor Station located in Peach Bottom Township near Delta PA.  Williams proposes to lay over 36 miles of pipeline across southern York County.

In documents supplied to local municipalities, the preliminary path of the pipeline will cross York County through the following municipalities: Peach Bottom, Fawn, East Hopewell, Hopewell, Shrewsbury, Codorus, North Codorus, Heidleburg, and Penn Townships. 

While a Williams spokesperson stated that the company is still refining its plans for the location of the proposed pipeline, it is anticipated that they will be making their application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) later this year, by fall of 2012.  Some landowners along the proposed path are already being contacted by representatives of the company, seeking permission for survey crews to access property, and assess impediments to the pipeline, such as septic systems, wells, and other environmental concerns.  While company representatives are currently only seeking temporary access to property at this time, they will return after the FERC approval seeking permanent easements for the project. 

It is important for landowners to know their rights when dealing with the pipeline company and its requests.  Landowners will often find themselves approached by different representatives, each with a different personality and a different pitch, all seeking the same thing: an easement over the resident’s property for the lowest amount of compensation possible.  Landowners will need to address compensation issues for crops damaged by excavation, timber fallen or damaged, and buildings, fences or septic sytems which need to be removed or relocated for the construction.  Finally, landowners will be faced with the prospect of the company’s use of condemnation of their property by eminent domain if an agreement cannot be negotiated. 

CGA Law Firm has a history of successfully representing landowners in negotiations with pipeline companies.  Most recently, during the installation of the Texas Eastern pipeline through the eastern part of the county, CGA attorneys represented scores of property owners to successfully protect their rights to their property and obtain reasonable compensation settlements for their easements.  When necessary, we vigorously defended our clients’ interest in the courts to assure that the pipeline company’s award to the landowner is fair.  CGA Law Firm also has extensive experience in working with municipalities and individuals in negotiating easements that are agreeable to both parties.  

If you are concerned about the prospect of damages to your property, you owe it to yourself and your family to educate yourself by contacting CGA Law Firm.  Our attorneys will be happy to assist you to make the easement process fair, understandable and in your best interest.