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Testimonials: Family Law

access_time Posted on: May 17th, 2019

Recently, a co-worker directed me to contact Mr. Jeffrey Rehmeyer at CGA Law Firm for my family to establish a will. “Just a will” is all I thought we needed but really, it’s so much more than that. We needed Estate Planning documents, Last Will and Testament documents, Power of Attorney and Living Wills drawn up. The thought of having to sit down and discuss these serious issues of doom and gloom was very daunting and quite scary actually! I mean, here we are needing to have these hypothetical scenarios that start with “Ok, you’re in a hospital, unconscious and… read more »

Child Support

access_time Posted on: January 15th, 2019

As with child custody, child support is an issue that may be independent of a divorce case. Parents who are separated may file for child support even if a divorce action is not pending. In addition, parents who have divorced for years may initiate child support actions. Child support cases may also involve parents who have never been married. Whether you have custody of your children or not, and even if you do not see your children regularly, you are still responsible for supporting them financially. Keep in mind that child custody and support are two separate issues.  At CGA… read more »

Child Custody Law

access_time Posted on: January 15th, 2019

One of the most challenging areas of family law is child custody. These cases are complicated and emotionally draining. The overriding concern is the “best interest of the child.” However, if the parents cannot agree on what is in the best interest of their child, the family courts are often left with the difficult task of determining the best custodial arrangements for the children. Our Family Law attorneys at CGA Law Firm will guide you through all aspects of a custody case, from filing a complaint through trial and appeal proceedings, and assisting the parties in coming to their own… read more »


access_time Posted on: January 15th, 2019

At CGA Law Firm, our divorce attorneys have counseled many individuals who are dealing with the same issues you are. We will help you through the legal challenges and will advise you on the financial and legal factors associated with a divorce.  Divorce is never easy. The decision to move forward with a divorce is probably one of the most difficult choices you will ever face. Not only are there financial and legal factors to consider, but you must also keep in mind the emotional and psychological factors that impact everyone involved as they move through this process. Our team… read more »

Family Law

access_time Posted on: January 15th, 2019

In divorce proceeding or prenuptial planning there are many areas where the counsel of knowledgeable and experienced attorneys is invaluable. Whether it is a support, equitable distribution or custody dispute, the attorneys at CGA Law Firm have the skills needed to handle your case in a swift and sensitive manner.  Comprehensive Family Law Representation: AdoptionAll Appellate FilingsChild CustodyChild SupportDivorceEquitable DistributionGestational Carrier/SurrogacyGrandparents’ Visitation RightsGuardianshipHague Convention Custody MattersMediation & ArbitrationName ChangePrenuptial and Postnuptial AgreementsProtection From Abuse (PFA)Spousal Support/Alimony Please contact CGA Law Firm for assistance at (717) 848-4900 or Click here to learn how we have helped some of our Family… read more »