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Congratulations to Pam Seay on 20 Years with CGA!

access_time Posted on: May 2nd, 2022

In 2002, Pam Seay was recruited by CGA Law Firm to establish an Abstracting Department for the firm. She had over seventeen years of experience in the field and was willing to take on the challenge in the CGA Office in its previous location on Duke Street. Pam’s primary role as firm abstractor was and is to determine ownership of specific tracts of land by making sense of all the pertinent data that she can find. Her work is called abstracting because after gathering and analyzing the reams of information on a specific tract of land, she prepares an abstract with all the critical points needed for the sale or lease. She verifies ownership, zoning information, and legal property descriptions. She also updates and maintains property records, and prepares leases, grants, and deeds. Mortgage lenders require property ownership to be verified and assurance that a title has no liens or obstructions against it before the seller can transfer the property to a new owner. Pam built the CGA Abstracting Department twenty years ago and has completed over 7,000 searches to date.

In addition to her work as an abstractor, Pam has assisted in other departments. She has worked in bookkeeping, on the Building Committee, in the Estate Planning and Administration Department, and at our East Berlin office.

When she is not working at CGA, Pam loves to spend time with her family. Her husband, Kent, is a Certified Nursing Assistant for WellSpan. He is part of the NRT Team (Nursing Resource Team), which means that he assists units that are short-staffed. He likes the variety and learning about different specialties within the hospital system. Before working in the healthcare field, Kent was in the United States Army Special Forces. Pam and Kent were married a year after he returned from Iraq and have been happily married for fourteen years. Pam has a 25-year-old son named Tyler, who lives in York and a brown Tabby cat named Sam.

Pam serves on the Board of her Home Owners Association and assists with charities that are sponsored by CGA. She is an avid reader with favorite authors that include Nicholas Sparks and Robert Parker. She also loves to create beautiful flower arrangements and wall hangings. They are works of art that she makes for friends and family.

We are blessed to have Pam’s skill, dedication, and warm demeanor on the CGA Legal Team. There is no doubt that it will take several people to replace her when she eventually retires!