Litigation or Alternative Dispute Resolution

Whatever It Takes … Assertive Litigation or Appropriate Compromise

Standing up for Your Rights

CGA Law Firm helps clients resolve their legal disputes through Litigation or Alternative Dispute Resolution. We seek favorable settlement whenever possible, but stand ready to defend our clients with aggressive litigation if  the situation demands it. Our attorneys have the skill, expertise, and tenacity to handle the toughest cases.

Civil or Criminal Litigation

CGA Law Firm is committed to assertively litigating disputes on behalf of its clients; however, we are also conscious of the need for compromise in certain circumstances. Compromise is sometimes appropriate, particularly due to the uncertainty and high cost of most lawsuits – costs that include fees, time and resources diverted from normal business pursuits. The reallocation of such resources to litigation support is substantial, which is why we weigh and balance the client’s overall business interests with the specific ones at stake in any judicial proceeding.

In matters of litigation where our clients have made the business judgment to pursue a claim, or have been forced to defend claims brought against them, our primary goal is to provide the best legal services available through the litigation process to preserve and protect the client’s interests.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

CGA also provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services to those attorneys and parties outside our client base. John C. Uhler, John S. Kennedy and Jack M. Hartman are all available for arbitration or mediation services where parties seek independent assistance in resolving litigation disputes.

Common Litigation Terms and Their Definitions

To give you a better understanding of commonly used litigation terms, click the button below to view a list of litigation terms and their meaning.

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